United Takes Control

Austin Reed (with ball) turns to attack Saturday morning against Middlesex

M Kyle Sye was a catalyst for United on Saturday, making things difficult for Middlesex all morning and creating the opportunity for Bedi's winner.

Mass United took another step towards promotion in the Bay State Soccer League with a 2-1 victory over Middlesex. Chris Bedi scored both goals for United, the first off a perfect cross from winger John Bavota. The winner came with less than 10 minutes left when the Riders caught Middlesex napping and midfielder Kyle Sye, who had been making trouble for Middlesex throughout the game, was able to break in virtually undefended after being left alone at the top of the box before a free kick. Bavota, who gave as well as he got in the physical contest, put the ball right into Sye’s path after spotting him skillfully being invisible. The keeper recovered quickly enough to save Sye’s shot but had no chance as Bedi pounced on the rebound for the winner.

The win was a true team effort for United with players being moved around by Head Coach Jim Antonakas throughout the match. The mix-and-match strategy, effective in the first half, wasn’t working as well for a good portion of the second. There were around 20 minutes left in the game when United turned up the pressure consistently and started to take the game to Middlesex for the first time since late in the first half.

M John Bavota, an integral part of both goals, got the Duece Award for the day, taking a pounding but giving as good as he got.

Other than winning next week it’s difficult to say exactly what the Riders need to happen. The results of two games from this weekend are not yet posted. Adding to the uncertainty are several games that have been disputed with the league and have yet to be settled. There are, as of 7pm edt on Sunday, only Mass United and 2 other teams listed as having played the full 17 games to date.