Riders back to winning ways

Saturday produced another strong game for Mass United as they took on Lincoln SC and looked to bounce back from a loss to Safira FC in week 3.

The game would start off high paced as both teams would work to find their rhythm in the match. The Riders would strike first in the 12th minute as Mohammed Saeed would recover a ball in the midfield and play Ibrahim Lewally in over the top for an outstanding one touch flick over the goal keeper.

Mass United would create many more chances and would capitalize next in the 26th minute as George Antonakas would intercept a ball in the midfield and link up with Mohammed Saeed who started a strong counter attack. He would link up with his brother Majid Saeed who then created a beautiful play with Lewally who would finally find Abdul Abdelaziz in the box to finish the play and result in another goal.

Mass United would control the rest of the first half but would have a costly injury as starting center back Roman Duccoterd would go down with a hamstring injury. Mitchell Tepe would step on and play exceptionally well for the rest of the first half and throughout the rest of the game.

The second half would bring more chances for Mass United but they could not capitalize on the opportunities. Lincoln would apply pressure and create many chances but the defense was sound and goalkeeper Patrick “JJ” Byrnes would come up big to keep the clean sheet. Mass United would ultimately win 2-0 to get back to winning ways in a tough hard fought game.

Next week the Riders will be on the road to take on International FC at 4 PM at 420 Main St Nashua, NH. The game can be viewed on mycujootv, search Mass United FC or click the link below