Mass United to Join ASL

Boston, MA- Mass United is proud to announce that it will be a charter member of the American Soccer League, which will begin play in 2014. “Joining ASL is a magnificent opportunity,” said Mass United CEO/GM Jim Antonakas. “We’re very excited to be ushering in a new age of soccer that we feel will be good not only for Mass United, but for soccer in North America as a whole.”

ASL Founder/CEO Matt Driver commented, “This is a great first step forward for the ASL to have Mass United as one of our founding team members to step forward and join our league. Jim Antonakas has… shown great faith in the ASL by deciding to jump on board with the ASL in our inaugural season.”

The club plans to bring a complete soccer experience to their fans while contending for the inaugural championship; and is expected to build their roster with international players and those from New England and the Northeast. “Mass United has become one of the top clubs in the area by dedicating itself to the game and the community, and will continue to strive to provide opportunities to players and coaches to advance their craft and the sport we all love,” Antonakas concluded.

American Professional Soccer (APS) is the parent company of American Soccer League (ASL).  The APS founders’ vision is to have APS as a sanctioned professional league under USSF when the proper protocols and procedures have been established to fit under the Division 3 USSF guidelines.  In the meantime, ASL is the subsidiary of the APS and will play as a sanctioned league in the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).  The ASL will be the premier league in the U.S. to develop the next level of young Americans and promote these players to the highest levels of the professional game whether in North America or throughout the world.  The league structure and rules have been established to encourage proactive movement of players to the next level whenever the players have garnered outside interest.

Mass United Football Club was created in 2009 to provide opportunities for players and coaches and to advance the sport of soccer in the community.  They began play in 2011 in several leagues, including the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).  The club has since grown to a network of over 250 players and coaches throughout the Northeast and New England. Mass United has captured titles in both league and cup play, including the honor of representing Massachusetts in the National Amateur Cup. The club can be found at , on Facebook at , on Twitter @massunitedfc, and on Tumblr at .