Did Someone Say Derby?

I am sitting in a dark hotel room by JFK airport at 3:45 in the morning on Friday night and I am thinking about… derbies. The soccer match between rivals, not the hat. Mass United has six this season, with their first coming this Wednesday. Something I could not be happier about.

That’s because derbies, no matter at which level of play, are at the heart of what club soccer is all about, for both the fans and the organizations. They are the games the diehard fans circle on their calendars. They are the games players and coaches want to win just a little bit more than the others, even if they won’t admit it. And they are the foundation of this amazingly beautiful sport.

So instead of my usual match preview I’m taking this time to encourage all of you to come out on Wednesday night at 7:00 to yell and cheer and sing in support of YOUR CLUB as we take on National Premier Soccer League foes Seacoast United Phantoms of New Hampshire in the first New England Derby of the season!