Battle for the Bay State (Soccer League) Continues

Mass United’s Bay State Soccer League squad continues its battle for promotion to Division 1 on Saturday when they take on FC Americana. The Riders are in the favorable position of currently owning the second and final promotion spot but the fight to finish first suffered a blow this week. A disputed game was awarded to first-place Middlesex, pushing them 5 points ahead of United and creating a scenario where the Riders need some outside help to catch them.

In almost any possibility United must win all 3 of its remaining games to capture first place. With the disputed game being awarded to Middlesex however, United would need Middlesex to lose or tie one other game in order to pass them or pull even. One thing that works out for United is the tie-breakers employed by the BSSL. The first test is head-to-head record and not goal differential, meaning if the Riders win out and Middlesex goes 1-1-1 in their final three, first place would go to United.

Not to beat the proverbial dead horse, but United can ill afford to get caught looking past FC Americana, despite United’s 3-0 win over them back in June. If not for FCA’s 18 point penalty, they would be in the hunt for promotion as well.