An Opportunity Lost

If there were one word to sum up Mass United’s second trip to New Jersey and New York I think I know what it would be. That word would be ‘ugh’. After holding on for a draw against Morris County at home the Riders took to the road for a rematch with Morris County and the return fixture against New York Athletic Club this past weekend and the outcomes were, well, ugh.

A flat performance on Saturday against Morris County turned a winnable game into a 2-0 loss and made Sunday’s game against New York Athletic Club that much more important. Unfortunately, the results were, say it with me now, ugh. The Riders took an early 1-0 lead but quickly gave that up, along with their claim on the 3 available points, on the way to a 5-2 loss.

The weekend wasn’t all ‘ugh’, however. United’s Juan Quintana was back in action after being injured all season and Jared Joaquin scored for the Riders in his National Premier Soccer League debut. The next match for the Riders is on Friday, June 24th, against Seacoast United Phantoms for the second and final New England Derby of the season at Exeter High School in Exeter, NH with a 7:30pm kick-off.